Thursday, June 27, 2013

Impersonation and Defamation

Written by Rev. Dr. Red Posted to,, and It has been brought to my attention an individual (or multiple persons) has been creating false accounts to impersonate me, as well as false contact information. The ONLY official accounts and contact info used by me and my staff are listed on this site. The ONLY official sites are those stated and linked to in the "Family Sites" section. No person(s) or agency or agent has ever nor will ever be granted permission to copy/use my information/images/etc, or any of my teams, for any purpose whatsoever. If you come across an individual or group suggesting they are either me, a member of my team, or a part of my ministry; or you see contact information to myself or the ministry; and you are not sure, reference back to my personal website and/or the ministries websites. All official information is stated on all three websites. If a social media account, email address, phone number, physical address, or any other form of contact is NOT listed on our official sites it is NOT official information and does not in any way represent my person or this ministry. If you attempt to make contact in any way other than what is stated in our Contact Us page, it will NOT reach us. There is currently an ongoing impersonation and defamation investigation. If it is deemed necessary, charges will be pressed. If the person(s) attempting to impersonate and/or defame me should see this: If you cease immediately in your impersonation and defamation attempts, all charges will be dropped. If you continue, you will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. The ONLY official accounts are as follows: @1Reverend_Red and @TheRevDrRed on twitter for my personal use. on facebook for my personal use. @SMMinistry and @DrRedMinistries on twitter for my use and ministry staff use for purposes of the ministry. @RedsRevelations on twitter and for my use as well as the Reds Revelations team use. The ONLY official websites: (hosted on (hosted on (hosted on Only OFFICIAL contact info: To reach me personally:, 386-385-4218 To reach the ministry:, 386-972-2616 386-385-4218.

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