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Reverend Dr. Red Conrad, D.D. holds public speaking events and will speak at events on all topics pertaining to Truth. The Truth needs to be heard. In these times of devastation around the globe, Rev. Dr. Red has recieved a calling to bring Truth and enlightenment to a lost people. Many have topics pertaining to Christianity wrong, others politics. Many know the Truth but only few dare to speak of it in fear of the government elitists. Rev. Dr. Red is one of the few that will go where few dare to trek. People have been lied to and abused by governments around the world and people of the Church working with or in fear of these governments. One only need to look at China, Egypt, Iran for an example of such behaviour. Rev. Dr. Red sees the same happening to America, and has a mission to keep such tyranny out of America and bring Americans back to the light of Jesus Christ.

Rev. Dr. Red will speak at any event he is invited to. Every chance to educate the people and open their eyes to Truth is utilized. Rev. Dr. Red has a way of speaking that makes you look at these topics in a new way and then asks you to follow-up with your own research.

Whether it be True Christianity, 9/11, Islam, politics, problems within the church and how to correct it, the Bible, etc. Reverend Dr. Red is well rounded and knowledgable on all these topics and topics inbetween.

You may email us at messiahministrys@aol.com to be added to our contact list to be notified when and where Reverend Dr. Red will be speaking. You may also contact him directly via reverendwconrad@aol.com if you wish him to speak at your event. You may also reach us by phone. Ministry: 386-972-2616 or Rev. Dr. Red: 386-559-1557

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