Monday, April 11, 2011

Is Catholicism a form of Christianity?

Everyone has the misconception Catholicism, and in turn, Protestantism are forms of Christianity. Here it will be explained otherwise. Truth might offend you. Do not take it out on us, take it out on those who twisted the truth. Dont take our word for it, look it up for yourself. 

Christianity is a binary belief system. The Christian "trinity" is as follows: God the Father (persona), Jesus (persona), Spirit (the spirit of God (Father and Jesus) given ti believers). Christianity is Truth; as spiritual truth is of God while religion is of man. 
As everyone knows Jesus turned the world 2000 yrs ago upside down as He preached truth. The dominant faiths (Judaism, Hindu, Paganism) did not want Jesus or His ministry. They knew His teachings would destroy their establishments. Reason why it would destroy them, to this day, faith buildings require donations (payment to hear God?) and ministers were seen as "holy" or "godly"; which gave the respective spiritual leaders the ability to make whatever they chose "Gods word" without being questioned. Jesus taught that NO man is more "holy" then the next. Jesus taught ministers are simply preaching Gods word and doing Gods works. That does not make them more holy. No man, ministers included, are to be worshipped or seen as God. They are mere teachers and spiritual counsellors. Jesus also taught ALL Gods children are "saints". Not a limited few.
He also taught you are NOT to: repeat prayers, worship His mother, go through man to speak to Him or the Father. He can hear you. God is ALL knowing, seeing, hearing. He is omnipresent, omnipotent. He does not need a "translater" or "middle man" to hear your prayers, concerns, etc.
Another very important statement by Jesus was that NO man is to be called father, as we only one father and He resides in Heaven. 

In 301ad Ceasar was on his death bed. He was repeatedly asked by a family member to convert to Christianity to save his soul. He refused on the premise that Christianity's God has only two personas. He refused to leave the idea of a god having three counterparts. Considering his family was the ruling family, his family asked the church officials to come speak to Ceasar. It was to no avail. After threats to the church by ceasars family, the local church officials convened on the matter. The outcome was making the Spirit a persona to appease the Ceasar family. And the Catholic church was born, taking their name from the Cathars. In coming years much was up to debate. By 331ad, Christianity had been mutilated. Trinity is now three personas, saints must be canonized by the church, beginning of Bible alterations, prayer to saints rather than God begins (Catholic saints take the spot of pagan deities), confessions via priests begin. By 381ad this becomes the forced beliefs of the entire Roman empire, those who resisted were murdered; forcing Christians to practice in secret. The last chapter of Jesus' ministry died off around 700ad. In the 1500's a well respected priest sees a "vision" of St. Mary and allegedly receives first known rosary beads. And the worship of St. Mary, Jesus' mother, begins.

Let me simplify this for you. 
Catholic Trinity = the three counter-parts or counter-ego's of pagan gods. 
Catholic saints = the pagan deities. The pagan deities and catholic saints pose the same purpose. 
Worship of Mother Mary = universe. Pagans believe that not a singular god but the universe created all that is. They believe the universe to be the female part of Satan. 
Priests known as "father" / Pope known as "holy one" = pagan deities were believed to take control of selected human counter-parts. Pagans also believe, that when done correctly, certain rituals can help you achieve Divinity and become a god yourself.
Catholic rituals are exactly the same as pagan rituals. 

Considering the facts, would you call Catholicism a form of Christianity?
Lets call catholicism what it is, paganism under the guise of christianity. 
The lies lasted 1700 yrs. Lets stop them here. Research for yourself, spread the truth, join SMM or any other church / ministry that preaches truth.


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  2. Everyone has their own opinion. I respect yours as i wish you could respect mine. However, I feel you do what almost everyone of every other faith does. You feel you and only you are right. Well, you are wrong. Truth does not sit in the confines of what we feel to be right. Truth will offend many, upset others, be welcomed by the few. Please dont suggest im the arrogant one here as ive put years into my studies. Ive had in-depth studies with people of these other faiths. I have family who is Jewish and i was raised catholic. Ive studied more than 30 faiths. Do NOT tell me or my team at SMM we dont know what we are talking about. In discovering the ONE TRUTH, we have questioned everything. There is only but one truth. And you, my friend, are the arrogant one who needs to wake up to the truth. The only thing i can say thus far you have correct is the fact to know truth you must search other faiths for similirarities. "Religion" started from day one. Adam was expelled from the garden for disobedience to what became Judaism. Jesus did NOT come for the Jews of today, hindus or any other mans religion. Jesus came for HIS people, Gods children.

    1. Why don't you let Jesus speak for himself. You're interpreting isn't any different than what any other priest, rabbi, or monk does about their religion. In otherwords you are yourself a "middle man"

    2. I speak only facts. I dont interpret the Bible, I listen to God. The facts are the facts, no matter what your opinion is.