Our Mission / Vision

As of March 19, 2015 this website is NOT being updated inline with our primary site. This site currently only stands as an archive of our beginning.
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Our Mission

Spiritual Messiah Ministries mission is: to teach Truth, correct the false, and gather the lost.

Do you realize Jesus' ministry only lasted until around 300AD? Around that time two things happened. A) people who strictly followed Jesus went one direction, dieing out around 700AD. B) catholic church was formed by combining pagan beliefs with christian beliefs to make christianity "more appealing". Therefore NO mainstream church, including Protestants (as they broke away from the catholics) are TRUE Christians. Look it up if you don't believe us.

That little fact is what sparked the formation of SMM and will undoubtedly cause debates, hatred in our direction, etc. Well, Jesus went through the same thing. He is the Son of God and yet He was murdered.

We are not expecting you or anyone to blindly follow. We do, however, ask that you do as Jesus instructed and ask questions. To blindly follow any church or ministry you are giving the power to the priest or pastor, etc to literally say whatever he/she feels to be correct knowing they won't be questioned. It is that we blame on why a) they are so many "christian" denominations  b) noone can agree on what is "godly" or what was meant by Jesus' statements  c) the huge alteration of the Bible.

SMM has a test we would like for you to do. Walk up to any 10 ministers of any church or ministry that claims to be christian. First ask them to recite a verse of your choosing. They'll be able to without a problem. Now ask them what it means, you'll get 10 different answers. (Why? Jesus meant what He meant. If you say something to us, wouldn't want us to take it and repeat it how you meant it? Wouldn't you be angry if we changed what you said?) Ok, now ask them for the history on the Bible. (You won't get the ACTUAL history. Instead you'll here stories of the time, maybe with some relevance. But not your answer. Just an answer so long and bouncing all over, you'll forget what you asked in the first place. When you stop and think about it, you'll realize your question was never really answered).
Why do you suppose this is?  Most ministers only accomplish the FIRST HALF of seminary. Ok, great you can recite the Bible. What good is having the Bible memorized if you dont know what it means? Why it says what it says? Etc.
Ready for this?  Most ministers feel history is NOT important. History's not important? Jesus thought it was important. How many times did Jesus speak historical facts to prove His point in the present?

This can go on endlessly. Look up everything we say, don't take our word for it.

SMM has many false teachings to correct, in the process we urge you to look it up yourself. Don't believe it because we say its True, believe it because you see it to be True.

SMM will undoubtedly make enemies along the way. We will undoubtedly make alot of people out there angry. All we're doing is preaching Truth. Sooner or later people need to realize you CANNOT morph truth to what sits ok in your heads. There is only but ONE Truth. That Truth has been lost from the mainstream teachings for centuries. It is our mission to bring the Truth back out and introduce the world to the one TRUE Jesus Christ. Not the Jesus Christ that has been created and morphed by the heretics over 1700 years ago. Every year people grow further and further from the TRUE Jesus Christ, the ONLY God. It is our mission to bring God's children back to Him.

There are also many countries where Christians are being persecuted for their beliefs. 52 countries where Christianity is illegal. We would like to send missionary's to help these Christians, but we need your help. You can either volunteer to go over with a missionary team or simply donate any amount you can afford to the cause. If you would like to donate or be part of a missionary team, please email Reverend Dr. Red Conrad, D.D. at reverendwconrad@aol.com or You may also email the ministry at messiahoftruth@aol.com and messiahministrys@aol.com Again we ask to allow 2-3 days for a reply. One of us here at Spiritual Messiah Ministries will answer your email as soon as we can. Thankyou. We greatly appreciate your support. You may also mail donations or correspondance to Spiritual Messiah Ministries, PO Box 343, Crescent City Florida 32112

Our Vision

Today- We are setting up 'Home Churches' where we meet in homes
All throughout the week we meet in our homes throughout the nation. In this home environment the atmosphere is relaxed and open. People are encouraged to share their thoughts and questions. Everyone has different ways of and views on scripture. People are encouraged to express their viewpoints and explanations to help others see Truth.

Tomorrow- We meet in a building. It is important to understand we are the Church. All a Church building is to provide is a gathering point for worship.
Once the 'Home churches' influence grows in a particular area, a Church subsidiary will form. Home Churches from that area will come together for regular Sunday meetings as well as other activities throughout the week. We must incorporate God once again in every aspect of our life. Being a True Christian is more than just a Sunday gathering of worship.

In Ten Years
Many Church subsidiaries will have grown into full running bodies, complete with Pastors and other clergy. These Church subsidiaries will now become their own Sovereign Church. They will be able to function on their own. Thus creating greater influence in a greater number of communities. Hopefully internationally.

We also see a future world where Christians are no longer persecuted anywhere on this planet.

You can follow Reverend Red on twitter @1Reverend_Red and friend him on facebook at facebook.com/ReverendDrRed Our support page on Facebook can be found via Reverend Dr Red's facebook.