Spiritual Truth Movement and Coalition

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What is the Spiritual Truth movement?
The need to explain has arisen due to the fact not many seem to know what Truth is. Even fewer are doing their duty to spread Truth.

The Spiritual Truth movement, under the guidance of Jesus Christ and lead by Spiritual Messiah Ministries, is a movement to spread Truth. The goal of the movement is to correct any and all false teachings in the mainstream Christian churches, to spread Truth, and to bring the lost back to God. Any individual, church, or ministry is welcome to join the movement. Any movements already out there are welcome to join the Spiritual Truth movement in a joint operation to bring the lost back home.

People have forgotten what a True Christian is and what the Christian lifestyle is. People seem to have forgotten who Jesus Christ really is. The purpose of the Spiritual Truth movement is to remind everyone what the Christian lifestyle is, who Jesus Christ really is, what a True Christian is, and to remind everyone nothing is seperate. Whether it be politics, world news, church news, etc; it is all inter-connected. Scripture explains all this. The Spiritual Truth movement is here to re-educate people on the facts spelled out in scripture; to release everyone from the grasps of Satan and western government propaganda.

The fact is, over 1700 years ago Christian churches were hijacked by spawns of Satan and began altering the beliefs of the churches. Today, Bibles are continuously altered. Many modern translations take the deity away from Christ.
Spiritual Messiah Ministries was formed under the guidance of Jesus Christ, and the Spiritual Truth movement took form through Spiritual Messiah Ministries under the guidance of Jesus Christ; to weed out the spawns of Satan from the True Christians, to re-establish True Christianity and bring Gods children back to God.

The Spiritual Truth is a movement, a coalition of Christian ministries, ministers, and individuals. We are aiming to bring America and the world back to God. We realize that we are being exterminated and deleted from the history books. If Israel falls into the hands of Islam, they will succeed at destroying the birthplace of Judaism and of Gods first man. Spiritual Truth will not allow this to happen. Spiritual Truth is a movement and coalition started by Spiritual Messiah Ministries in America, but we are a global coalition. Many ministries have joined and all are welcome from any and all nations. For information on how you may join or help the Spiritual Truth, email us at SpiritualMessiahMinistries@gmail.com Spiritual Truth is here to bring Gods people together, support our brethren where ever they may be, fight against the army of Satan where ever and when ever a battle should arise. We are here to help our brethren fight against all degrees of persecution. We are here to find all of our lost and captured brethren and bring them home.

Spiritual Truth is the army of God.
God is calling His people to action, Spiritual Truth is answering that call.

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Email SpiritualMessiahMinistries@gmail.com for further details. For information about how you, your church or ministry can join and further the Spiritual Truth movement or more information on the movement, email us at SpiritualMessiahMinistries@gmail.com

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Reverend Dr. Red Conrad, D.D. also holds public speaking events and will speak at events on all topics pertaining to Truth. Whether it be True Christianity, 9/11, Islam, politics, problems within the church and how to correct it, the Bible, etc. Reverend Dr. Red is well rounded and knowledgable on all these topics and topics inbetween. You may email us at SpiritualMessiahMinistries@gmail.com to be added to our contact list to be notified when and where Rev. Dr. Red will be speaking. You may also contact him directly via ReverendDrRed@gmail.com if you wish him to speak at your event. You may also reach us by phone: 386-385-4218